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Visual vocabulary


Visual vocabulary

Cornea: Transparent  and clear curve, located in the front portion of the eye. It’s like a watch glass.


Aqueous humor: It is a liquid such as water, it is in the space formed between the cornea and lens.

humor acuoso

Iris: Circular area, color, behind the cornea, controls the amount of light entering the eye.


Pupil: Circular opening in the center of the iris, which acts like the aperture of a camera.


Crystalline: Transparent lens suspended in the middle of the eye that focuses light rays on the retina.


Vitreous body: Gelatinous mass that fills the eyeball behind the lens.

Retina: The innermost layer of the eye that contains nerve fibers connected to the brain through the optic nerve.

Optic nerve: Special nerve that carries messages from the retina to the brain.

Choroid: The middle layer of the eye, located between the sclera and retina. It contains veins and arteries that supply food to parts of the eye.

Conjunctiva: Mucous membrane that lines the eyelids and covers the sclera.

Sclera: White of the eye, hard cover, forms the protective outer layer of the eye content.