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Centro Oftalmológico “Dr. George Antzoulatos”


Centro Oftalmológico AntzoulatosDr. George Antzoulatos Eye Center, began services in the city of San Cristobal, Tachira state in 1974, initially it was a clinic specialized medical care by Dr. George Antzoulatos, renowned ophthalmologist, recognition national and International, a pioneer in the seventies in Ophthalmology in Venezuela in corneal transplants, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery and refractive surgery. In the eighties began in the phacoemulsification cataract surgery with  Intraocular Lenses implants and Refractive Surgery (radial keratotomy).

In the nineties we continue with the improvement of phacoemulsification,  started in refractive surgery with Excimer Laser Corneal topography. Scientific and technological advancement, acceptance and demand for more services made open specialized services  in different areas of ophthalmology, which was shaping and consolidating a highly specialized center, offering a comprehensive service to our patients.

From its functional facilities, operating in the San Cristobal Clinical Center, 7th Floor Office 712, San Cristobal, Edo. Tachira and the Hospital de Clinicas Caracas, 4th Floor, Office 416, Caracas, DF Venezuela, with a staff that works hard to meet the needs of patients and realize the guideline with which it started.

Above all, and over time, it exists in its founder and his collaborators an inexorable will of service.



Our mission

Provide our patients, excellent eye care services by placing at their disposal innovative treatments and latest technology equipment.

Our vision

Be the best ophthalmological center of the country, recognized for its operational excellence and quality of its staff.

Our Values

  1. Passion for service and focus on the patient.

We encourage all our activities focused on identifying and meeting the needs of our patients, through the services we offer. The patient is the reason for our activity.

  1. Innovation and Creativity.

We belive innovation and creativity are essential elements in our organization, as they represent an important basis for improvement, development and continuity. All we implement must begin with an innovative and creative idea, accompanied by a lot of work, which ultimately will result in excellent results.

  1. Respect, integral development, and personnel excellence.

We promote respect and integral development of the person seeking to expand their knowledge, skills and vision, guiding us to have partners with excellence and quality, so they have access to better opportunities, thereby fostering the economic, cultural and moral improvement. We seek the integration of these elements in the person, as we want, to be able to face the demands of competition, with extensive and successful vision.