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Low vision and crossed eyes (amblyopia and strabismus)


20% of the student population suffers from some visual problem; most of the parents and teachers are aware that many children may suffer from strabismus (crossed eyes) and develop amblyopia (lazy eye low vision). What often do not know it is why strabismus should be treated early and urgent.


Children with strabismus should be treated during their first years of life. Otherwise, the main goals of treatment, which are the maximum visual acuity, cosmetically right eyes and fusion (coordination of both eyes) before the child reaches the visual maturity would not be achieved. Children should be examined at three or four years to detect any condition that is correctable. After eight years of age, it is very little that can be done to improve vision, so that for a good vision to develop in the child, the eye has to be in good condition.


It is very important that parents, teachers, health educators, nurses and primary health care providers, REQUESTED THE ATTENTION OF AN EYE DOCTOR AS SOON AS A REFRACTVIE ERROR IS DETECTED IN A CHILD. This way we would be avoiding amblyopia or low vision.