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Balancing therapy with trace elements


Balance Therapy with Trace Elements is aimed at people interested in balance of energy and health.

1. What is the therapy with trace elements?

a) Complement to optimize post-operative scarring.
b) Prevention of premature aging.
c) Plus in the management of chronic diseases.
d) Balance in people who handle high stress (executives, athletes).
e) Nutritional Balance.

2. Where acts therapy with trace elements?

Trace elements are essential mineral nutrients in cellular metabolism. These can be altered by internal or external influences.

Trace Elements therapy allows a balance to improve the functioning of cells and optimize the vital energy.

3. Who needs therapy with trace elements balance ?

If you have: eye diseases, abnormal skin, fatigue, weakness, depression, insomnia, musculoskeletal pain, joint pains, cramps, hair loss, brittle nails, allergies, acne, frequent colds, gastrointestinal disorders, changes in appetite, sexual appetite or stress, you are a candidate to start with Trace Elements Balance Therapy.

It is essential to complete medical assessment with your internist doctor for specific treatment if needed. This therapy does not interfere with other medical treatments .

4. Who performs the therapy?

This treatment should be done under strict medical supervision.

Remember that a healthy life does continually revitalize the body and the basis for healthy longevity is a balanced diet, adequate hydration, accompanied by an attitude towards life -long learning , transformation and evolution .

5. When applied?

It is recommended that therapy Trace elements in four (4) sessions , once every 3 or 6 months. This cycle is repeated every year. The most important is the experience of the doctor performing the treatment.


Dra. Beatriz Antzoulatos