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Corneal transplant


This surgery is considered in people who have the following conditions:

1. Corneas with high curvature and is not possible to improve their visual quality special contact lenses. (Keratoconus).
2. Weakening after corneal cataract surgery. (Bullous keratopathy)
3. Corneal scar after penetrating wound.
4. Scarring after infections by viruses, fungi or bacteria.
5. Problems with hereditary corneal opacity.

The Cornea Transplant surgery is the most common and have the best prognosis of all organ transplants in humans. It consists of removing the central part of the cornea of the patient and replace it with a donor cornea.

The doctor must perform an ophthalmologist specializing in cornea, trained to perform this surgery with a precise technique and has knowledge to guide his patient with a cornea problem.