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Low vision


“Lazy Eye” in medical term is known as amblyopia or low vision in one or both eyes, apparently healthy and can be corrected before six (6) years.

What are the causes of this disease?

The main causes are:

1. Children who need glasses to see and never used it (Refractive errors uncorrected)

2. Crossed eyes without treatment by an ophthalmologist (Strabismus).

3. Children with cataract or droopy eyelids that affects the development of the sense of vision (Sensory deprivation).

How to recognize the problem? 

If you as a parent or teacher notices that a child has the following characteristics, should have a medical appointment with the ophthalmologist (eye doctor):

1. Headache

2. Crossed eyes

3. Mix the letters

4. Bothered with light

5. Approaches to read

6. Approaches to watch TV

7. Winking eyes

8. Tilts the head

9. Drooping eyelids

10. Tearing

11. Red Eye

12. White patch on one eye

13. Forwards eyes.

Why is it important to have an eye examination in children under 6 years? 

Because the mechanism of vision in humans is established and developed correctly when the brain receives adequate information for both eyes, before the 6 years of life. If our eyes can see our brain learns to see. The only way to determine if your child has a problem is through a comprehensive review by an ophthalmologist.

When is the ideal place to bring a child to the ophthalmologist time?

The first overhaul of a child is made by the Pediatrician at birth and early checkups. If you notice any eye problems will refer to Ophthalmologist for specific treatment. A timely assessment to detect if there is a cataract or congenital glaucoma, if left untreated before the firsts years of life the vision prognosis is bad.

If children look healthy recommendation for parents is to bring all their children to 3 or 4 years for a full evaluation with specializes ophthalmologist and this will determine whether the child needs glasses, special exercises or surgery.

After all it is wise to take every 5 years to assess whether Ophthalmologist and eye health is adequate.

REMEMBER: Take your child to the eye doctor for an eye exam during the first years of life, the only way you can ensure a good quality of life and this includes visual health  for both eyes, so you can enjoy the good things of life .

By: Dr. Beatriz Antzoulatos.