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Low vision and crossed eyes (amblyopia and strabismus)


20% of the student population suffers from some visual problem; most of the parents and teachers are aware that many children may suffer from strabismus (crossed eyes) and develop amblyopia (lazy eye low vision). What often do not know it is why strabismus should be treated early and urgent.   Children with strabismus should be […]

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Eye Problems


Visual problems should not be viewed with indifference. Regular eye examination is so important to the 60 or 70 years of age as 3 or 4 years old. Early detection of any eye condition that leads the patient to receive treatment and time, so you can maintain eye health throughout life. Ocular conditions that affect […]

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Corneal transplant


This surgery is considered in people who have the following conditions: 1. Corneas with high curvature and is not possible to improve their visual quality special contact lenses. (Keratoconus). 2. Weakening after corneal cataract surgery. (Bullous keratopathy) 3. Corneal scar after penetrating wound. 4. Scarring after infections by viruses, fungi or bacteria. 5. Problems with […]

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